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I know this isn't exact in line with tips on your wardrobe but every detail counts in looking put together... and I recently had an unfortunate accident with my current iphone cover, so I thought I would bring my search to you...


Its funny how, for those of us that pay attention to detail, the little things can say so much about a person.

Phone covers can tell others your type of personality... you see a phone on the table with a bright pink case with swirls all over it probably means that girl is out going and loves to make a statement with her clothes, ( or a very effeminate male... but thats a different blog).


Some designers are getting into the whole market of the phone covers, which I'm loving. Not that you need to be flaunting designer names but their designs are unique and fun compared to the typical look of kiosk phone cases. ( And I'm not talking about the mass produced Burberry and LV knock off cases.)


So my search is continuing for the 'right' case to cover my phone... if you know of any websites to find some cute ones let me know!


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    Carma (Tuesday, 08 June 2010 07:55)

    Love the blogs and the newsletter. They have great tips and keeps one into the fashion news.

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    Paul (Wednesday, 16 June 2010 19:35)

    You should try an Ifrogz case. You can customize them to give that perfect statement you're looking for.